Team communication

The marketing team holds a weekly meeting to review the topics below. Internal notes for each meeting should be maintained by the group (while adhering to the company-wide communication guidelines)

  1. Metrics and performance against team goals.
  2. Review of the prior week’s initiatives.
  3. Plan for the coming week, and an update on monthly/quarterly initiatives.

Principles of Marketing to Developers

No Puffery

When a restaurant claims they have the best hambugers in town, you don’t really think some independent party has evaluated all the burgers and selected this place. You think they are proud of their burgers, and don’t hold it against them. But when a dev tools vendor claims they have the best something, devs are skeptical. Who says? What was the criteria? Can I repeat the test myself? Making unsupported claims just pisses devs off. So before we make a claim, we’ll have some evidence or proof points, usually a customer testimonial or a case study, with someone who has given us permission to use their name.

Show Value Before the Ask

Asking devs to fill out a form is an ask. Even a one field form. For every marketing program, we will show value before we make an ask. Content will be ungated. Products can be tied. After we have shown value, by use of the product or access to our data and content, we can ask devs to fill out a form in order to improve their experience. For example, devs can try Sourcegraph Cloud without an account. After they use it, they can create a free account in order to improve their results by customization or saved queries. Or, they have ungated access to our papers, but if they sign up to join the Sourcegraph community we will email them once a month with similar high quality info.

Learn More

The most compelling call to action (c2a, in marketing jargon) for developer is usually Learn More. Developers are always looking to learn–that’s probably why they are on our site. Devs are professional learners, always looking to improve their skills about technology, or about their business area. If your offer is compelling, always offe devs a path to Learn More.


See job descriptions and responsibilities of roles on the Marketing team:


Web traffic

Web traffic is measured by analyzing two metrics: all users and organic users. Unless otherwise noted, web traffic refers to web visitors from the United States and Canada. If the web traffic is labeled geo7 or similar, it refers to the web traffic from the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden. Also note, that web traffic currently includes the following sites: and


An inquiry is a person who has requested information from Sourcegraph for the first time and has provided Sourcegraph with at least an email address. This may be online via a web form, or in person, for example, at a conference. Someone may become an inquiry and a MQL at the same time, or may take months between converting from an inquiry to a MQL.

Interesting inquiry

Any inquiry that works for a company with > $10M in revenue, or specifies that there are 200+ software engineers at their company will be highlighted as ‘interesting’.


A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is any of:

  • A person who submits a demo or contact form AND has >= 200 engineers
  • A person who sets up a new Sourcegraph instance AND >= 2,000 employees
  • A person downloads an eBook or white paper AND has >= 500 engineers and/or >= 2,000 employees

Specific email domains are excluded.

SQL (sales-qualified lead)

See “Lead” in the sales team handbook section.